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Save hours of managerial time daily

Informachine is a business intelligence and knowledge management system that makes it easier for members of an organisation to find, organise and share knowledge and information. It allows you to:

Track and automatically download information available on the Internet that is relevant to your needs-do online research-in a revolutionary new way
Automatic labelling: The application will creates and attaches relevant labels while downloading content from web sources. This enables users to find their relevant information very easily.
Communicate and share knowledge resources with people in your organisation in a simple and effective manner.
Find information Informachine enables users to search for the information they need by using ‘quick search’ (simple search) and ‘advanced search’ (using keywords, business area, sources, document types, date range, etc.)
Search alerts: The application allows users to set search alerts using flexible parameters and receive search results via emails at any time they choose.