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Organising your information resources

You can organise all the information brought to you by Informachine - using:

A two-level labelling system: 'central labels,' assigned centrally by admin and common to all users; and 'personal labels,' created and assigned by each user for his or her own use.
Bookmarking system: this allows book-marking of priority documents. This is important if you want to mark documents for later viewing or if a document needs to be acted upon on a priority basis.
Automatic labelling:The application will automatically create and attach relevant labels while downloading content from web sources. This enables users to find their relevant information easily – without having to spend time on deciding which labels to attach, and on attaching the relevant labels.
The system still leaves the flexibility for users to attach labels not automatically attached by the system. This is useful considering that organizations and individuals can wish to connect a document in ways that go beyond the content of the document itself (e.g.,a label that says: ‘please discuss’).