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Tracking and automatically downloading information from the Internet

Informachine allows you to use your own judgement to choose - and keep adding to or subtracting from - a collection of sources (sections of websites) you want Informachine to regularly visit in order to alert you to fresh content. (Remember that this collection can be as large or small as you want it to be) Informachine then downloads this fresh content and stores it so that you can access it, share it, organise it and use it any time you want using the tools Informachine provides. You can also organise your chosen sources using categories that you yourself can create. When Informachine downloads content, it will alert you to the updates in each category.

How it works  
1. Using the 'admin' module of the software, your organisation selects a list of web 'sources' (a source could, for example, be the news section of a corporate site) which its members would want regularly tracked. The sources are classified into 'business areas' such as pharmaceuticals, banking, information technology and so on.
2. In your 'profile', you and each other individual users then select web sources relevant to him/her from this collection. You can put in a request to your organisation for new sources.
3. Informachine visits these web sources daily to find fresh information/documents  for your use.
4. You can organise or classify your chosen sources by creating your own 'source groups' to tag the sources (source groups could be categories such as 'competitors,' 'prospective customers,' and 'customers')
5. Your 'dashboard' will provide you with a daily summary of all updates from your chosen sources, organised by source, source group, business area and other classifications. You can manage your dashboard by specifying what types of information you want daily updates on.
6. You can sort through and view all the downloaded web information anytime you want from the 'Documents' section. The user can also view the information in its original form on the website from which it was taken.
7. You can also search through this information by using Informachine's advanced search options.