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InformachineTM is a software and service package that helps organisations reduce their costs of tracking websites for fresh content (including textual, image and video), downloading the content, and managing it. It works especially well in information-intensive enterprises, and brings enormous benefits to “knowledge workers”, including people in editorial, communication, research and analysis, marketing, corporate planning, and such other departments of companies.

Research has shown that employees of companies spend between a fifth and a quarter of their time looking for information on the Web, downloading and saving it and then trying to manage it. Half the time, they don’t get what they want, and most of the time they are unable to manage the information well.

InformachineTM is based on these assumptions:

There are two ways in which you seek information:
  I need something, but I don’t know where to look. The answer is Google, or Yahoo, or MSN, or other such wide-ranging search engines.
  I know where to look (my rivals, my vendors, the news agencies, the regulatory authorities, and so on), but it takes me endless hours to visit all those websites and check if they have something new and then download it and save it in the appropriate folder or sub-folder. The answer is InformachineTM.
For more on this approach, read this white paper:
You don’t really need to search 6 or 8 billion web pages to find what you need. The bigger the universe of web pages you search the greater the irrelevant stuff you get. Relevance of search results increases if you narrow down the universe through which you search, if you can identify the universe from your experience. The answer is InformachineTM.
The optimum way to find the information you need is to identify the sources yourself (with help from experts, like us, or people in your own organization).