The dilemma we face

How much time can we really afford to spend on tracking information online?

If we track …

We must visit websites of media, industry associations, rivals, suppliers, etc., daily to see if they have something new. Most of them will not, every day.

  • A huge waste of time.
  • Loss of productivity.

Can we really afford not to spend time tracking information online?

… or if we do not to track

If the websites do have important new information, we may miss it by days, or even weeks.

  • We fall behind others in the competitive game (internally and externally).
The solution: Informachine
  • Ensure that you keep pace with information on websites of news media, associations, rivals, suppliers, etc.
  • Do this without wasting time.
  • Improve the use of the information that’s gathered.
  • Add value to the information, share, collaborate.
The result:

A well-informed organization – leading to better and quicker decision making.


What is Informachine?

Informachine is a web-based business intelligence and knowledge management system that finds, tracks, downloads and lets you share relevant news on the internet, saving hours of managerial time.

You can leave it to Informachine
  • You don't even have to be there! Informachine will check out all the websites you wish checked while
    you go attend a meeting or take a holiday!
  • On your return, just log in to Informachine – and all the latest reports on the sites you want tracked will be
    listed on-screen at the press of a key.
  • And, to make sure that you get the flexibility you need, you can change the desired list of websites absolutely any time you want.
What’s more:
  • You can share relevant news with colleagues, and save hours of managerial time and resources. And have online chats around the news.
  • Informachine tags the information so you can find what you need instantly – even months later!
  • And, if you want, you can attach your own personal tags to links (e.g., ‘material for next Monday’s conference’), depending on your personal needs.

Informachine brings you many benefits.


  • Every day, round the clock, Informachine crawls through thousands of sources, including news, features, annual reports, government reports, etc., to get you links to relevant content.
  • The ‘dashboard’ shows a summary of updates from chosen sources, organized by source, source group, business area, etc.
  • You can change your desired source list any time you want. And different people in the same organization can have different lists of desired sources.
  • If you wish, create 'source group' tags (e.g., 'competitors‘, 'prospective customers‘, or 'customers') to attach to sources, so you can call for content related to such source groups with a single click.
  • Sort through and view the downloaded web information anytime, anywhere.


  • An advanced search feature – A combination of filters to search with keywords, date range, title, contents, comments, file type, labels, etc.
  • Reduce the pressure on internal and external bandwidths by searching in downloaded content.


  • Auto-labeling feature – saves you trouble, with Informachine attaching labels (tags) automatically to all kinds of content to enable quick retrieval in future.
  • A manual labeling system: ‘personal labels’, created and assigned by each user for his or her own use.
  • The search ‘alert’ feature updates listing by email as frequently as you want it – a few times a day, once a day, or once or twice a week.
  • Smart tools like bookmarks, and different view modes make it easy for you to find content quickly.
Powerful Features

Informachine brings you many features.

Feature Overview

  • Select from a large database of credible sources from the internet.
  • Bring additional/new sources into your selection.
  • Narrow search results using filters like keywords, date, date range, etc.
  • Save search parameters (in multiple selections) to simplify future searches.
  • Label results for faster retrieval.
  • Save search as an ‘alert’.
  • Add personal notes/ comments to articles.
  • Manage contacts and groups as recipients of the articles.
  • Conveniently, share results with team members.
  • Save hours of managerial time by tracking websites effortlessly.
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