Why Organyze

The issue
  • We often find that we cannot find a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or html file we have created or saved some time earlier – simply because we’ve forgotten where we saved it.
  • So we waste time looking through one folder and sub-folder after another until we find it. Sometimes we give up, and recreate documents, wasting time.
With Organyze
  • We can find files instantly because Word, Excel, PowerPoint or html files are labelled automatically for quick retrieval. We can also manually label image, video, and other files, and also add bookmarks and comments to all types of files so a click on a label fetches all the files tagged with that label will show immediately, irrespective of which sub-folder, folder or drive they are in.
  • We can also find files by searching for words or phrases we know are in the comments that have been attached to the concerned files.
  • We can also find by clicking on bookmarks.
  • If we are working on two different machines (e.g., one in the office and one at home, or a PC at home and a laptop we take with us when we travel) we can synchronize folders between the two machines so that all recently created or edited files get transferred from one place to the other. Along with the labels attached to them. (For this we need to have Organyze installed on both machines.)

A big saving in time: We can save a huge amount of time, and save ourselves the frustrations of not finding files quickly.

What is Organyze?

It’s a comprehensive File Management System that helps you retrieve, share, back up and synchronize files in a user’s machine, in the local network, or in the cloud.

US patent software organyze file management

ORGANYZE has received a patent from the
US Patent & Trademark Office

Feature Overview


By labels, keywords, comments attached to files.


Image tags, bookmarks, date range, etc.


Without opening.


To and from external drives, pen-drives & laptops.


On an external drive


Manual / automatic.


For MS Office, PDF, and html files

Document management software for personal use

  • Save time by finding files, folders, and emails very, very fast. It doesn't matter where the files are saved; Organyze finds them in an instant. YOU SAVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME.
  • Tag Files: Organyze helps you do this through tags (bookmarks, labels, and comments), which you can attach very easily (in the Organyze Windows, Windows Explorer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Outlook, and, while downloading web pages, in Internet Explorer).
  • You can simultaneously apply multiple tags to many files, folders, or emails.
  • Easily find forgotten files: Find valuable old files and emails you've completely forgotten about, and reuse previously created content instead of creating it all over again.
  • Quick Search: Quick, multiple label-based search from anywhere (desktop, Organyze, while working in other applications), to get a list of files, folders, and emails instantly.
  • Advanced search to narrow down the search, based on folder selection, keywords (in titles, content, comments, or emails), file formats, size and dates, plus multiple labels.
  • Manage files, folders, and emails by getting a single, flat list of files from different drives, folders, and sub-folders; see different folders in different panes in the same window to make comparison easy; find duplicates at the push of a button.
  • Import labels from our label bank or friends or colleagues and share your labels with them to make the labelling easy.
  • Automatically back up your files daily in your machine or in an external disk.
  • Synchronize folders between two or more machines along with the tags (bookmarks, labels, and comments attached to the files and folders). get files and folders in your computer more effectively. Get more from your data.
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