• Every day, round the clock, Informachine crawls through thousands of sources, including news, features, annual reports, government reports, etc., to get you links to relevant content.
  • The ‘dashboard’ shows a summary of updates from chosen sources, organized by source, source group, business area, etc.
  • You can change your desired source list any time you want. And different people in the same organization can have different lists of desired sources.
  • If you wish, create 'source group' tags (e.g., 'competitors‘, 'prospective customers‘, or 'customers') to attach to sources, so you can call for content related to such source groups with a single click.
  • Sort through and view the downloaded web information anytime, anywhere.
  • Share articles with a recipient, or a group or a department in your organization with a single click, and make collaboration easy and quick.
  • Attach notes/comments to each article you share to get give your opinion or instructions or to request feedback.
  • Invite users for a discussion on a particular topic within the application.
  • Save a considerable amount of time with instant communication related to downloaded content with team members.
  • Auto-labeling feature – saves you trouble, with Informachine attaching labels (tags) automatically to all kinds of content to enable quick retrieval in future.
  • A two-level manual labeling system: ‘central labels,’ assigned centrally by admin (or by a designated person or persons) and common to all users; and ‘personal labels’, created and assigned by each user for his or her own use.
  • The search ‘alert’ feature updates listing by email as frequently as you want it – a few times a day, once a day, or once or twice a week.
  • Smart tools like bookmarks, and different view modes make it easy for you to find content quickly.
  • An advanced search feature – A combination of filters to search with keywords, date range, title, contents, comments, file type, labels, etc.
  • Reduce the pressure on internal and external bandwidths by searching in downloaded content.