File retrieval
  • No more wasting time searching for files in your machine or in the network.
  • Just run a query using any of these things (or all of them): specific keywords, smart labels, last accessed date or date range, file type, or comments attached to a file.
  • You can also ask Organyze to find duplicate files.
  • Get a list of most recently accessed files.
  • Spend your valuable time using the information, instead of hunting for it.
File management offline
  • Automate time-consuming processes like bulk uploads to the Cloud, along with tags.
  • Save yourself the trouble of tagging, use automatic labeling. Share tags in the local area network and online.
  • In-built plugins for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office – attach labels/bookmarks without even opening Organyze.
  • Preview documents without opening files.
File management online
  • Automate time-consuming processes like bulk downloads from the Cloud, along with tags.
  • Save yourself the trouble of tagging; use automatic labeling.
  • Preview documents without opening files.
  • Check versions uploaded by users online – and work on the most updated files to avoid confusion.
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere.
File collaboration
  • Share a large or small file offline/online, very easily and securely.
  • Send a file to a client or supplier by creating a temporary link in Organyze, or use a temporary link in Organyze to allow a client or supplier to share their files with you. This works even when the client or supplier does not have Organyze.
  • Use the Organyze internal messaging system for collaboration with team members.
  • Use the discussion boards and document reminders in Organyze to facilitate workflow and quick decision-making.
  • Listen to and speak as well as read and write posts and other stuff on the site with Text-to-speech & Speech-to-text function.
File synchronization
  • Automatically sync files. Save valuable time by ensuring that folders in two or more locations contain identical updated files.
  • External drives and other storage devices can be synced on the basis of pre-set criteria (e.g., file formats, date range). Automate the process by saving the settings.
  • Flexible options of setting sync either one-way or two-way from device to device.
  • Selective sync: include/ exclude selective file formats/date range.
  • Organyze Sync does not delete a file in a target folder if a similar-named file has been deleted in the source folder.
  • Sync seamlessly from a desktop, network drive or server to Organyze Online by using auto or manual sync settings.
File backup
  • An automated backup – configured once by defining files, folders, destination(s) and time interval(s) – makes the process trouble-free. You can also run a manual backup if you wish.
  • Flexibility of running an incremental or full data backup into drives of the same machine or drives of network machines or the Cloud.
  • Restore backed-up files or folders, all, or selectively.
  • Provision for maintaining backup versions on an external drive or storage device on/off premises for a complete restoration in case of an accident.
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