• Attractive and easy-to-use interface
  • Synchronize data between your desktop PC and laptop via a pen drive or external hard disk.
  • Flexible options of setting sync either one-way (say, from your pen drive to your PC or back) OR two-way (simultaneously from your pen drive to your PC and back)
  • Supports all file formats, except (for security reasons) some formats, such as exe and your PC registry files.
  • Deals with files of any size.
  • Organyze Sync does not delete a file in a target folder if a similar-named file has been deleted in the source folder. So, if you have unthinkingly deleted something, you can rectify your mistake.
  • Synchronization one-way provides an easy and reliable backup solution
  • Selective sync: you can include and exclude selective file formats, date range.
  • If you have labeled files through the main Organyze software, Organyze Sync synchronizes the labels too.
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