How does switching to Organyze make work easier?

The problem:  We often spend a frustrating amount of time searching for files in the computer or in the office network. This problem has become worse over the years as the volume of information has multiplied.

The solution: Organyze helps. Organyze was developed to help reduce the drudgery and grind of office work – so people may focus on adding value rather than spend that time, as they now do, on hunting for, fetching, and arranging files.

The result: fewer mix-ups, and greater efficiency.

How does Organyze improve collaboration in an organization? 

The Organyze file management system helps you find files instantly. It can also help you share files with others and access files others have shared with you. It also enables you to have several versions of a file to facilitate collaboration and to prevent loss of information.

Watch the video below for a product demo.

What is Organyze?

It’s a comprehensive File Management System that helps you retrieve, share, back up and synchronize files in a user’s machine, in the local network, or in the cloud.

US patent software organyze file management

ORGANYZE has received a patent from the
US Patent & Trademark Office

Feature Overview

  • files from multiple locations, both offline and online;
  • hybrid system that works on the desktop, LAN and the Cloud;
  • access on your mobile phone.
  • extensive search filters;
  • search through comments/discussion attached to files;
  • recently shared files;
  • recently opened files.
Read & write:
  • text-to-speech (reading)
  • speech-to-text (dictating / writing)
File versioning:
  • work on the most recently updated file;
  • access earlier versions for reference. 
  • shared file labels;
  • personal file labels;
  • automatic and manual file labeling;
  • bookmarking;
  • plug-ins for Microsoft Office applications.
  • see previews of files before opening them
Find duplicate files: 
  • avoid duplication of work and confusion
  • Quick shortcut to search for files from the desktop screen

Organyze conforms to the best industry security norms - SSL certificate.

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